We Won’t Play Along! (Call in English)

We strike against fascists participating in government

We want to stop a nationalist-authoritarian government, a CDU-AfD-coalition in Saxony, with all our strenghth, our ideas and our solidarity. If a coalition of the conservatives with the ethnic-nationalist AfD is to be announced after the elections we don’t want to be surprised or burnt out but prepared.

The participation in government by a fascist party after 1945 would be a historic turning point. We want to have discussed scopes of action and not to freeze in fear. We want to use our knowledge from history, therefore, we believe, there is need for a strike.

What threatens us?

If the AfD was part of government we would be confronted with scenarios as in Austria, the U.S. or Italy. That means people are positioned against people.

Emancipatory and solidary politics would be criminalized even more. Public institutions not keeping in line will be cut off fundings. Racism and misantropy would make an even stronger part in our day-to-day life. The denigration of women, Lesbians, Gays, transgender and all genders will ruin lives. Social rights will be increasingly abridged and poverty grows and grows. Economic and traffic policies will continue heading towards the climate crisis. Racist violence will rise and there will be even more deaths. Coldness, lies and denigration will form the social climate. A government of AfD and CDU will be dangerous for feminists, poor people, leftists, migrants, homeless people, Jews, Roma, climate activists, queers [1], liberals, alternative people and subcultural activists. Some have already been talking about moving away. But we do not want to give up before having tried everything. Before you scoot, strike with us!

Why strike?

We have been fighting for an indivisible, just society for years. We do this by social engagement, demonstrations, sharing knowledge, associations, actions, organizing and solidarity in all its facets. Because of all of us, Saxon cities have become places worth living. In spite of the local adverseness we are trying to become a society of the many that stands against attacks and right-wing violence.

With the day CDU and AfD start negotiating a coalition things return to the thinkable which we had promised ourselves to never accept again. From this moment no day will be as before. Therefor, we call to disrupt daily routine and normality. There is no „Just carry on“. For from this moment on the normality we know is over.

Our dissent must be as clear as possible: Civil disobedience is only right. In criminal societies keeping up normality turns into collaboration. With our strike, by laying down our work and our engagement, we want to express our fundamental disagreement and our refusal to contribute to a society in the process of fascization. We will have worked for a better situation with infinite energy up to that moment, have organized help, demos and petitions. Now we need to stop the rat race. We have to get our hands free to team up: Together we will stop a coalition between CDU and AfD!

We are going to resist anyway – so it’s best to start right away. Many people have fought in much more desperate situations and given everything. We want these fights not to have been in vain.

We will stand together in solidarity and not turn away from each other! Because we want to meet – nobody should be alone in desperation and anger. We will stick together and show how many we are.

How does this work?

First: We are not afraid. The students on climate strike and the women*s strike show it. Our strike means not to go to work, school, job center, university in case of coalition negotiations. To meet up and to reject normality. The theaters are closed, as is the café, school is cancelled and endless phone calls remain unanswered. Mails remain unread. Hair continues uncut and yet we are beautiful. Because solidarity is the most beautiful relation in the world and it can unfold most powerful during strike.

Who does not live in Saxony is welcome to come and strike or to strike locally since what is happening here will have consequences for the whole country. We do not want to argue about what is threatening us: fascism, ethnic nationalism, illiberal democracy or National Socialism. What matters is: we want to stop it.

Second: Let’s come together, never mind if on strike, vacation, sick note or together with your boss. The main point is that we show our dissent.

We resist in case of coalition negotiations with the AfD. Strike with us! Tell us why you are going to strike. Meet up and set up for day X!

[1] Queer means persons not conforming to the dominant gender norms, as Lesbians, Gays, Transgender and Intersexuals.